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Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber

In the manga, Tuxedo Mask first used this attack in Act 18 Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online. He sent a blast of energy at his target that fired from his hands. It caused potentially fatal damage to his opponents.

When he first used this attack, a voice called out to him, telling him to use his powers. Later, this voice is revealed to be King Endymion. It's possible that King Endymion could also use this attack Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes, or he was unable to as he became older and could only tell his younger self to use it.


Tuxedo Mask sent a blast of white energy at his target that fired from his hands Newport Cigarettes For Sale. It caused potentially fatal damage to his opponents. King Endymion used this attack together with Tuxedo Mask to destroy Esmeraude Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes.

Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber - Crystal Act 18

Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber Crystal S3 - (act 38)

Sera Myu

In the musicals, Tuxedo Mask was able to used this attack in tandem withhis future self, King Endymion. King Endymion could also perform it alone.

In the musical "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - ~ Petite Étrangère ~", Tuxedo Mask used this attack against Esmeraude to counter her Evil Death Hand attack, and it was successful Cigarettes Online Free Shipping.
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