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Florida Senator Marco Rubio entered the New Hampshire

GENEVA Cheap Nike Air Max 90 EZ Shoes White , Feb. 3 (Xinhua) -- The Syrian opposition High Negotiations Committee (HNC) said on Wednesday after the announcement of the pause of the intra-Syrian talks that they will leave Geneva on Thursday and "won't return until we see changes on the ground."

Riad Hibjab, coordinator of the Syrian opposition delegation, told reporters Wednesday night here in a Geneva hotel that peace "can't be done" with the presence of Bashar al Assad and with the foreign forces meddling."

He also blamed the Syrian government for "not believing in a peaceful solution" to the ongoing conflict, saying the opposition know the government "that drove the previous Geneva negation to a failure will do it again."

He added that the Syrian government's delegation undermined the success of intra-Syrian talks which were launched last week.

"We came to Geneva and were keen to make it a success, but it seems like the other side doesn't want it to be a success," he said.

The remarks followed UN special envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura's announcement of a pause for intra-Syrian talks which are to be resumed on Feb. 25.

However, the Special Envoy told reporters that this is "not a failure of talks" and he is not frustrated or disappointed but will remain "determined and realistic" in the face of challenges.

The Special Envoy stressed that the temporary pause of intra-Syrian talks does not indicate that discussions have broken down, though more work needs to be done by all sides involved.

"This is not the end and this is not the failure of the talks," he said.

De Mistura highlighted that both sides are interested in starting the political process, adding that a date for the resumption of talks had been set for Feb. 25.

"I will be asking for the ISSG (International Syria Support Group) to convene as soon as possible, hopefully already in Munich, the Security Council to meet, and we reconvene in Geneva again on February 25," he said.

Since no tangible improvements for the Syrian people have been produced since talks were launched last week, the special envoy deemed it wise to instigate this temporary pause.

De Mistura further announced that he will be probably travelling to London Thursday for this year's Syria donor conference.


United Nations Special Envoy for Syria Staffan De Mistura met again with the Syrian government delegation on Tuesday.

The UN envoy is also scheduled to meet with the opposition delegation for a second time on Tuesday. Full story

Talks underway to bring peace to last rebel-held district in Syria's Homs: source

DAMASCUS, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- Representatives of the Syrian government and opposition are negotiating the evacuation of as many as 3,000 rebels from the last rebel-held neighborhood in Syria's central city of Homs, a well-informed official source told Xinhua.

The negotiations are currently going on to settle the situation in the troublesome sprawling district of al-Waer, the last rebel stronghold west of Homs city and home to around 75,000 people, the source told Xinhua on condition of anonymity in line with regulations. Full story

Syria's political oppositions meet in Cairo to discuss future roadmap

CAIRO, June 8 (Xinhua) -- Syria's opposition factions met Monday in Cairo to search for plans to end the four-year old civil war in their home country.

Around 150 Syrian opposition figures gathered at a Cairo hotel for the meeting in a bid to end bloodshed in the Arab country that left thousands of people killed and millions more displaced.

MANCHESTER, the United States, Feb. 9 (Xinhua) -- Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders on Tuesday handily won New Hampshire primaries, according to multiple U.S. TV networks.

Shortly after all polls closed at 8 p.m. local time, Trump, the billionaire developer from New York who upended the party establishment in this presidential election cycle, was declared winner of the Republican field by almost all major U.S. TV networks.

Early results with 40 percent of all votes counted show Trump won 33.9 percent.

On the Democratic side, Sanders was declared winner immediately after all polls ended. According to early results with 41 percent of the votes counted, Sanders garnished 59 percent while Hillary Clinton got 38.2 percent.

Clinton has conceded the race, according to a statement released by her campaign.

But in an attempt to downplay the significance of the defeat in the New Hampshire primary, the statement said the nomination "will very likely be won in March, not February." Clinton is well positioned to build a "strong - potentially insurmountable - delegate lead next month," it added.

Trump and Sanders entered Tuesday's primaries as favorites of New Hampshire primary voters, but both needed a big win after their defeat in the Iowa caucuses eight days ago.

Long been regarded as outsider candidates in both parties, Trump's and Sanders' victories are also expected to further unsettle party establishments as party elites have long been appalled by the idea of choosing a party nominee that does not fall inside the party line.

About one hour after the polls ended, Ohio Governor John Kasich was declared by major cable news as the runner-up in the Republican field, a result that will further complicate efforts by the party establishment to find an alternative to Trump.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio entered the New Hampshire primary with a strong momentum and was once widely regarded as a potential alternative to Trump after surprisingly winning a third place in the Iowa caucuses.

However, his popularity with New Hampshire primary voters was damaged by rivals' fierce criticism that he stuck heavily to talking points all the time in Saturday's primary debate.

The battle for the third place is under way among Marco Rubio, former Florida Gover

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