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Guo thinks the work aims to discredit land reform and ultimately

○ A historical novel sympathizing with landlords during the CPC-led land reform is under attack

○ Some Maoists believe books like this risk undermining the legitimacy of the CPC

○ Open discussion of the agrarian revolution period is still regarded as taboo today

A farmer ploughs in a village in Guiyang Michael Jordan Bulls Jersey , Southwest China's Guizhou Province, in February 2011. Photo: CFP

For many Chinese, "landlord" used to be a derogative term that's often associated with slavery, exploitation and decadence. The term is most associated with land reform in the 1950s, an important step in what Chairman Mao Zedong called "the New Democratic Revolution," which destroyed the landlord class, and with it the old feudal system that lasted for thousands of years.

For decades, that history was unquestionable Zach LaVine Kids Jersey , and landlords were stereotypically depicted as villains in Chinese movies and books. But some historians and descendants of the landlords have been trying to view that history from a more sympathetic, human-centered perspective.

But these attempts are never easy. A recent historic novel, Soft Burial, came under attack because it appears to sympathize with the landlords during the land reform in the 1950s. China's Maoists, who have become increasingly active online, have relentlessly criticized the book.

Detractors of the novel believe that by sympathizing with the landlords, the novel is discrediting land reform, a major feat of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Michael Jordan Kids Jersey , and therefore challenging the CPC. "Soft Burial is a downright anti-Communist Party novel," one article, written by a commentator called Chun Lin, asserts. "We have to be cautious about this novel, and criticize it thoroughly."

A woman shows a land certificate issued in 1952 after land reform in her village in Nanchong, Sichuan Province, in September 2002. Photo: CFP

Buried memories

The novel, published by the People's Literature Publishing House last August Zach LaVine Youth Jersey , tells the story of a dying woman, by following her buried memories and her son's investigation of his family's past. The woman was the wife of a rich landlord's son in eastern Sichuan Province in the late 1940s, and she witnessed her husband's entire family, who feared an undignified death, committing suicide. That painful memory made her amnesiac, but still haunts her subconsciously throughout her life.

In an interview with the Xinhua News Agency, Fang Fang, author of the novel Michael Jordan Youth Jersey , said she was inspired by the true stories of her friend's mother. Much of the novel centers on China's land reform, which redistributed land to some 300 million peasants who had little or no land.

It was a period of time when landlords were the targets of class struggle campaigns. Many of the landlords and their families were brutally killed or tortured during the campaigns, even after their land was confiscated.

Fang reflected that history through the words of one of her characters in the novel: "We fought wars for many years, but no one had any experience in land reforms. Nor do people understood the law… In some cases, the head of the land reform team heard reports that someone was evil and deserved to be killed, and he would have him killed. Local-level administrators were poor in their governing capacity. They thought they should do something for the poor, and yet they never thought about whether it was justified."

The title of the novel, Ruanmai Zach LaVine Womens Jersey , literally "soft burial," is the practice of burying the dead without a coffin, and it's considered ominous according to Sichuan's local customs because it's believed that those buried this way will never have an afterlife. In the novel, apart from referring to how the landlords were buried, it's also used as a metaphor to describe a way of treating the past - burying it, consciously or unconsciously, until it sinks into oblivion.

On the reviewing website douban, the novel gained four out of five stars Michael Jordan Womens Jersey , with 242 people tagging they have read it. Many reviews praise Fang's courage to touch upon a subject that's highly sensitive, and her reflections on how people should treat their history. Those who give the book a lower mark are mostly unsatisfied with her writing skill, which they think isn't polished enough.

Qinglin, the son of the protagonist, eventually gives up investigating his mom's history as he feels it will disrupt the peacefulness of his life. The author Fang Fang, apparently, doesn't agree with the character. In the afterword of the novel, she said people should not bury their past Cheap Zach LaVine Jersey , but rather record it. "The choice of Qinglin is people's attitudes on history nowadays. The truth will never be revealed, and therefore there is no use uncovering it," one comment reads.

Historical nihilism

The book received a completely different reaction, however, among leftist commentators and on Maoist websites, who were infuriated by the novel's treatment of history. Utopia, China's leading Maoist website, published over a dozen articles castigating the novel in March alone. Five of these articles are written by Guo Songmin Cheap Michael Jordan Jersey , an ardent Maoist and political commentator who used to be a pilot in the People's Liberation Army Air Force.

Guo thinks the work aims to discredit land reform and ultimately the legitimacy of the CPC. "There should be a political bottom line in the publishing industry, and works that intend to subvert the government should not be published," he told the Global Times.

"The land reform and the new democratic revolution are important steps in our history. Without them, China could never have achieved what it has become today," he said.

The leftists see the novel as part of a growing trend that they call "historical nihilism," or the denial of China's revolutionary history. One famous example of historical nihilism was when liberal magazine Yanhuang Chun

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